Promotion and relegation changes for 2014 season

Promotion and relegation changes for 2014 season

Before the start of every split, we hold a Promotion Tournament that determines which LCS teams may get relegated out of the league and which Challenger teams win their way in. As we close out the summer split, we've decided to reduce the number of LCS teams that fall into the Promotion Tournament from four down to three.

The No. 7 and No. 8 teams at the end of Week 9 will be automatically dropped into the Promotion Tournament. The remaining third team to fight for its survival in its region will be the team that places last in the NA PAX / EU Gamescom playoffs.

In order to emphasize the regular season standings, LCS teams participating in the Promotion Tournament will choose which of the top three Challenger teams they want to face in their matchup. The pick order will be determined by LCS seed, starting with the last place playoff team and ending with the lowest ranked team in the summer split standings. The difference between the No. 7 and No. 8 slots in the LCS just got a lot bigger!

In the Promotion Tournament, six Challenger teams will enter and play in a single elimination bracket until three remain. Those top three teams will battle the current LCS pros for their spot in the 2014 spring split. Watch for more details as they become available, including when the tournament will take place and which Challengers have qualified.

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