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The Recap: North America Week 6 | LoL Esports

The Recap: North America Week 6

Games of the Week

Day 1: Team SoloMid vs Team Coast

This is what happens when Shiphtur’s Ahri meets WildTurtle’s Sivir? TSM and Team Coast fought back and forth in a wild 43 minute, 45 kill instant classic. Early on, 3 members of Coast caught Bjergsen for a kill, and from then it was Shiphtur who snowballed the game. TheOddOne’s Pantheon man-dropped onto dragon to follow-up 3-man stun from Xpecial's Annie, but Team Coast turned with their ultimates. At the end, TSM forced a baron, securing it but then losing the ensuing fight to Coast, who pushed madly into the opposing base. Shiphtur, dancing around the nexus in an xPeke moment of his own, gave Coast the much-needed win over TSM.

Day 1: Dignitas vs Evil Geniuses

Evil Geniuses showed signs of life in a dominating victory over Dignitas. Innox and Pobelter finally lived up to their pre-season hype and snow-balled their lanes with five kills combined in the first nine minutes. From there, they never let up, going 13-1-6.

Day 2: Cloud 9 vs Evil Geniuses

Cloud 9 has faltered a bit recently, often struggling during the laning phase with no opportunity to catch up afterward. In this game, however, they were completely dominant on all fronts.

While the bursty composition of EG showed promise, they weren't able to get the clean initiation necessary to remove high-priority targets, most-often bursting down LemonNation and then losing the resulting fight.

Players of the Week

Wild Turtle

Going 9-2-16 is already impressive, but doing so when your team loses a game is simply incredible. Even in TSM's loss to Coast, Wild Turtle played extremely well, getting fed early and almost carrying TSM through several crucial team fights.


Sneaky put up a fantastic 14-1-23, positioning himself almost perfectly in every fight. What's interesting about Sneaky is the fact that he doesn’t mind giving up personal gold and kills for the team's sake, running the support-oriented Sivir.


Meteos shut Snoopeh down completely, hitting level 7 while Snoopeh was level 5. He looked like his Season 3 unkillable status, going a whopping 10-0-20.


Coast may have gone 1-1 this week, but Shiphtur played so fantastically in their victory over TSM that it is impossible not to recognize his work. He went 12-1-10 in that game, and forced the nexus down with huge Lich Bane procs in an excellent dance to end the game.

Team of the Week - CLG

Other players distinguished themselves, but CLG was completely on-point this week, with every member of their team deserving mention.


Nien didn't make any flashy plays, but he was extremely stable in both games.


You know you're doing well in the jungle when you get enough gold for an Abyssal Scepter, on top of your Locket, Ancient Golem, and Haunting Guise. 6-0-8 on Elise (and 100% kill involvement) and 7-2-6 on Kha'Zix? This guy was certainly worth the wait.


Link did nothing but make plays this week, leading CLG to a commanding 2-0. He went 8-0-8 on Lulu, and 3-0-9 on Orianna, for a total KDA ratio of 28. His double kill in the top lane vs KDG around 14:00 only emphasized the strengths of Orianna, and her ultimates – both on Lulu and Orianna – were used to create stellar initiations throughout the game.


Doublelift was Doublelift. Even in out-farming Caitlyn as Vayne, and going 2-1-5 in both of his games, he may have been the least impressive member of CLG this week.. This isn’t necessarily a bad sign, however, for if the team that traditionally operates as his supporting cast keeps shining across the board, CLG is going to be a rough team to handle.


Aphromoo pulled out the extremely rare Alistar to great effect, going 2-0-9 on top of his 2-1-10 Leona game. True to his support style, he played extremely aggressively, going for plays non-stop, and comboing Headbutt and Pulverize flawlessly in combination with Link's Orianna Shockwaves.

Surprise of the Week

Evil Geniuses defeating Dignitas

Dignitas has struggled since their strong start. Innox's Gragas pick threw Dignitas for a loop. Dignitas picked up Ziggs mid, leaving Gragas against Trundle top and Zed versus Ziggs mid. Gragas and Zed were able to snowball hard in their lanes, eventually going 13-1-6 in a decisive victory for EG.

Disappointment of the Week

XDG surrender at 23 minutes

How the mighty have fallen.

Vulcun was second place in the Summer Split season, and were the only NA team without a losing record vs Cloud 9. On top of that, they were the only team to take a game off of Fnatic at Worlds during the group stage. Since then, they have struggled.

First, they swapped their top-tier jungler and their occasionally spotty AD, disrupting both bot lane and jungle-mid synergies. Mancloud suffered immensely from the lack of jungle synergy with Zuna (who has the second-lowest KDA of any jungler), while Xmithie and Bloodwater struggled bot lane.

After their rocky start with the new lineup, they dropped their highly-acclaimed support, Bloodwater, added jungler NickWu, and moved their ex-AD/current jungler to support. In his first day of supporting, Zuna ended up 1-8, and XDG lost both games. What’s worse, their first defeat (to CLG) seemed completely demoralizing, with the team surrendering 23 minutes in, 20-4, after nothing worked out.

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