The Recap: North America Week 8

The Recap: North America Week 8

Super Week was action-packed from start to finish with some of the most exhilarating games of the 2014 spring split. Team SoloMid and Cloud 9 made Super Week history by sweeping all of their matches to go a clean 4-0, securing their positions at the top of the rankings. Team Curse also stepped up to the plate, going a strong 3-1 in their games. Here is a breakdown of what went down this past weekend.

Games of the Week

Team SoloMid vs. Team Coast

The votes were in, and the fans were 85% in favor of TSM. At the start of the game, NintendudeX (Vi) predicted Xpecial's (Annie) flash, hitting him with a Madlife like Vault Breaker, giving Team Coast the first blood advantage. Despite this, as the game progressed, TSM got ahead in gold thanks to superior farming by TSM's solo laners. They furthered this lead with strong objective control, taking multiple dragons and outer turrets.

At the 28-minute mark, Reginald caught out Daydreamin in the blue jungle, allowing the rest of TSM to overwhelm Team Coast in the mid lane. ZionSpartan managed to pick up a double kill in his final stand but could not prevent TSM from taking down the Nexus. Reginald and Dyrus both ended the game with six kills and zero deaths each.

Cloud 9 vs. Team Dignitas

This game was one of the closest of Super Week, with team fights going back and forth, and gold staying relatively even. It appeared as if C9 had sealed the deal by taking the bottom inhibitor, followed by super minions bringing down one Nexus turret, but they were unable to close out the game as Dignitas countered a push by killing Baron.

C9 turned the tables by initiating a fight outside of their bottom inhibitor turret with Meteos (Pantheon) landing a perfect Grand Skyfall onto a grouped up Dignitas. C9 wiped out the damage dealers almost immediately then aced the rest of Dignitas, losing only Meteos in the battle. With four members alive, C9 pushed down the remaining defenses, taking out the Nexus for the victory.

Counter Logic Gaming vs. Cloud 9

From the start, the game was explosive with LiNk (Ziggs) picking up first blood for CLG. As both junglers headed to bot lane for ganks, a fight broke out with CLG coming out on top as Aphromoo (Leona) picked up a double kill and double buff thanks to a turret dive. At the 19-minute mark, both teams had already accumulated a combined twenty-five kills.

C9 adamantly focused Doublelift (Caitlyn), locking him down in team fights with crowd control such as Morgana's (LemonNation) Dark Binding and Elise's (Meteos) Cocoon. With aggressive rotations, C9 took control of the map in the mid game, skyrocketing ahead in gold and kills. In the end, Hai (Gragas) landed a perfect combination of a Barrel Roll and Explosive Cask to delete LiNk and Doublelift from the map, allowing C9 to make the final push for the Nexus.

Overachievers of the Week


Even though he was sick for the duration of Super Week, Voyboy endured and carried Team Curse to three much-needed victories. In a team fight down the mid lane, Voyboy almost earned a pentakill until ADC Cop flashed for the steal. Voyboy ended the game with a KDA of 9/1/10 as Lulu.


Dyrus was consistent all of Super Week, dying only twice in a total of four games. He stepped up in his game versus CLG, dominating lane phase against Nientonsoh, making plays as Renekton, finishing the match with a KDA of 4/0/6.


Meteos was a constant threat all weekend as he successfully ganked lanes, counter jungled, and applied pressure throughout the map. In his match against Team Dignitas, Meteos landed the game-changing Grand Skyfall, which helped C9 secure the victory.


WildTurtle shined in his role as the ADC, positioning well in team fights, farming impeccably, and carrying his team in their time of need. He ended his game against EG with a KDA of 10/1/6.

Bunny FuFuu

Bunny FuFuu made an impressive debut in the NA LCS with his Thresh and Leona plays. No one could've guessed that this was his first LAN experience with how much confidence he exuded in his hard initiates. Bunny FuFuu ended his game against Dignitas with a KDA of 3/1/10.


Reginald's Triumphant Return

With big shoes to fill as Bjergsen's stand-in, Reginald rose to the challenge and excelled in the mid lane. It was as if he never even left the TSM lineup as Reginald led his team to four victories with aggressive plays and strong shotcalling. Not once did he appear as a weak link on the team. In his game versus Team Coast, Reginald went 6/0/14 as Gragas.

The 4-0 Dream

C9 and TSM secured their positions at the top of the bracket with four wins and zero losses, making Super Week history. TSM is still in first place with a win record of 17-3, while C9 is in second with a win record of 16-4. With only three weeks left of regular season play, will C9 finally get ahead of their rivals?

Disappointments of the Week

Team Coast

Team Coast could not get it together for Super Week, going a dismal 0-4 in their games, losing to TSM, Dignitas, XDG, and CLG. They have fallen further into the bottom half of the bracket with a 7-13 win record. With ZionSpartan and Shiphtur unable to hard carry their team, Team Coast faltered in all of their games.


Team Dignitas, Evil Geniuses, and XDG Gaming all had a rough Super Week as they went 1-3 in their games. While Team Dignitas is still safe in the top half of the bracket with a win record of 9-11, Evil Geniuses and XDG are struggling at the bottom of the bracket in seventh and eighth place. Time is running out for these two teams as relegation swiftly approaches.

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