Copenhagen Wolves

Founded: August, 2012

Nationality: Denmark

Copenhagen Wolves

After a disappointing year, The Copenhagen Wolves hope to break free from their set path and rise to the top of the pack.


Record8W - 20L
  • Avg. KDA Ratio
  • Avg. Gold per Min
  • Avg. Total Gold

Team History

The Copenhagen Wolves have been in every EU LCS split so far, albeit with different players. While they have been up for relegation every split, they have always lived to fight for another split. They have served as a talent incubator for EU LCS, starting notable names such as Bjergsen and Deficio before their acquisition by Ninjas in Pyjamas. Alliance's Shook, SK Gaming's Forg1ven, and TSM/Origen's Amazing all found a home on the Copenhagen Wolves early in their career as well.

Unfortunately, the Wolves were unable to pull themselves to the top of the standings for two seasons in a row. With promising jungler Airwaks and ADC Freeze, can their bite match their bark, or will 2015 be another relegation year?