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North America

Curse | LoL Esports

Founded: August, 2011

Nationality: North America

Despite strong performances throughout much of Season 2 and the beginning of Season 3, the team has been unable to reach the top levels since. Curse remained in the middle of the road for the entire 2014 spring split, finishing in fourth place. As the NA scene strengthens, Curse will need to follow suit or risk a low finish in the 2014 summer split.


Record11W - 17L
  • Avg. KDA Ratio
  • Avg. Gold per Min
  • Avg. Total Gold

Team History

Curse's roster has fluctuated frequently since its inception, with even NyJacky gone from the original team. Their Season 2 performance landed them just shy of the top 3 in North America, a curse that would continue even through present-day. After opening with an 8-0 record to the spring split, the team began to lose steam and have been on a downward decline that not even all-star EdwarD could stave off. EdwarD later returned to Gambit in Europe, and Zekent was added as the starting support. Also adding the formerly banned player, IWillDominate, both he and Curse sought to prove that they were turning over a new leaf in the competitive scene.

The 2014 spring split met Curse with mixed results. They rode out the split in the middle of the pack, more consistent than the bottom teams, yet not advanced enough to break into the top three. During the split, Curse dropped Zekent and briefly fielded Saintvicious in the support role. While he performed well individually, Curse didn’t see marked success with this new swap, and eventually Saintvicious returned to retirement and Curse picked up Bunny FuFuu in the support role. Finishing the split in fourth place, Bunny FuFuu was moved to a substitute role in favor of former TSM member, Xpecial. Curse will look to the summer split to prove that, with enough time, they can compete for the top spot and a trip to the World Championships.