Player Bio

As a former member of (a past iteration of XDG), An "Balls" Le brings a long history of competitive experience to Cloud9. Brought in at the inception of Cloud9, Balls have proven his worth time and again. His favorite champion is Ezreal, a preference retained from Season 1 when the pool of champions was much smaller and Ezreal offered a kit with fun skill shots. Balls is also known for his strong Rumble play as his placement of Equalizer never just equalizes the playing field, it tips it in his team's favor.

Arguably the best top laner in North America, Balls helped Cloud9 to a 2014 spring split first place victory, and was a huge factor in their undefeated playoff run. Despite a bittersweet All-Star 2014 showing, Balls helped Cloud9 bounce back in the summer split, ultimately working their way to the top of the playoff bracket and earning a spot at Worlds. Now Balls will be put to the test as the best top laners in the World will be gunning for him. But Balls isn't one to back down from a challenge. The rest of the top lane field at Worlds better be on their toes.