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Player Bio

CowTard's mastery over mid lane was first seen during his time on the original Copenhagen Wolves that participated in the Season 3 spring split. He was a temporary starting player for the team until Bjergsen was of-age to play in the LCS. After being replaced, cowTard continued honing his skills in amateur and Challenger leagues as part of PrideFC with the rest of his current teammates.

The Copenhagen Wolves turned to him once again to setup a run for the 2014 LCS spring split and he did not disappoint, rattling off several victories including a 5:0 streak in the Promotion Tournament group stages. CowTard offered the Wolves plenty of LCS-experience through the spring split, and was a key element of their strategy. Though his most-played champion during the regular season was Gragas, expect him to look toward Ziggs and Kayle (his 2nd and 3rd most played) more frequently in the summer split, due to changes to Gragas’ kit. Though cowTard and company had a relatively difficult season and fell to relegation and roster changes, they’ll be eager to pick up the pieces and rebuild the team around his strengths as a mid laner in the summer split.