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Player Bio

Around since Fnatic's inception, this Finnish super star is a powerhouse in the jungle, helping to lead his team to victory on countless occasions. A veteran of major tournaments, Cyanide is right at home on the Worlds stage.

As a founding member of Fnatic, Cyanide holds both a Season 1 Championship medal in addition to ten major tournament gold medals. Many LCS teams at the time hadn’t been to ten events, much less taken first place. Cyanide is an advocate for innovation and variety, famous for his Lee Sin and Jarvan IV while pioneering jungle ‘Gankplank’ back in the day. At one point, he even utilized jungle Cho’gath to devastating effect, securing victories at Dreamhack, IPL5 and IEM Cologne. On the road to the LCS Qualifier, he helped carry his team through the tournament with his powerful jungle Olaf. And at Season 3 Worlds, his Aatrox single handily dominated the semifinal set against Royal Club.

With a champion pool full of both utility and aggressive jungle champions, the 2014 EU LCS spring split saw a lethal dose of Cyanide, as Fnatic took first place. With that finish, Fnatic earned a trip to Paris for the 2014 All-Star event, where Cyanide tried valiantly to push his team through many tough and close games. While Fnatic ultimately fell with only one victory under their belt, Cyanide came out swinging for the 2014 summer split, bringing Evelynn, Elise, and Lee Sin to bear against his opponents. His impressive jungling skills helped to secure a strong playoff position for Fnatic, where the team was able to push through to earn a spot at Worlds.