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fredy122 | LoL Esports

Player Bio

Simon “fredy122” Payne made a name for himself in the EU scene during his tenure with against All authority from 2012-2013. When aAa disbanded, fredy122 moved to SK Gaming, joining the team at the end of 2013. He was immediately thrust into action, helping SK Gaming fight through the 2013 EU LCS Spring Promotion series and into the 2014 EU LCS Spring Split.
freddy122 has continued to be a strong top laner for SK Gaming, pushing the team to 1st Place finishes in both the 2014 and 2015 EU LCS Spring Splits. Known for playing primarily Renekton in his early days, freddy122 also earned a 100% win rate with Gnar in the 2015 EU LCS Spring Split.