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IWDominate | LoL Esports

Player Bio

Christian “IWDominate” Rivera rose to prominence while playing for Team Dignitas in Season 2, leading the team to an appearance in the Season 2 World Championship. However, IWDominate was suspended from competitive play for one year in the Season 3 preseason due to his toxic behavior. After reforming his attitude, IWDominate came back to competitive esports in the end of 2013, joining Team Curse as their jungler.

When Team Curse was rebranded as Team Liquid in the 2015 Spring Split preseason, IWDominate remained on the team as their jungler and primary shot-caller. Known for favoring Rek’Sai, IWDominate led Team Liquid to a 3rd Place finish in the 2015 NA LCS Spring Split Playoffs.