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Misaya | LoL Esports

Player Bio

The former captain and mid lane specialist for Team WE, Yu "Misaya" Jingxi had a penchant for stacking the deck. Known for his exceptional Twisted Fate play, Misaya's professional journey was no sleight of hand: he was the real deal. From the earliest days, as he put his parent's wishes aside and committed to professional gaming, Misaya's drive led him to a storied career with Team WE. After starting with the team in March 2011, Misaya enjoyed first place finishes in multiple IEM events, as well as high placements in the LPL, alongside numerous other tournament victories. His talent and fan base led him to compete in the 2013 All-Star Shanghai where he helped the delegation from the LPL take 2nd place. He eventually retired in December 2013, but is now poised to return to the glory of All-Stars in 2014 for the All-Star Challenge.