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Nyph | LoL Esports

Player Bio

A veteran of DotA, Nyph came to League of Legends and found immediate comfort in the Support role. Joining SK Gaming alongside his AD Carry CandyPanda, he has delivered consistent performances for his team ever since. While early in his career, Nyph focused on protective supports like Janna, Taric and Sona, he eventually switched to more aggressive champions like Leona and Zyra. During several Season 2 tournaments, Nyph showed very strong play with Nunu as well, which often resulted in preemptive Nunu bans.

Eventually, Nyph parted ways with SK Gaming. Recognizing his talent, Alliance jumped on the opportunity to recruit him. In the 2014 spring split, Nyph gravitated toward league-wide favorites Thresh, Leona, and Annie, with 21 games combined on those champions. His extremely consistent, high-level playmaking added another key element to an already strong roster. Combined with his calm demeanor and unshakable focus under pressure, Nyph proved to be an asset.

After a shaky spring split for his new team, Nyph and Alliance tightened up their play and hit the 2014 summer split hard, proving that their pre-season hype wasn't for nothing. As Alliance tore through the summer split and the summer playoffs, Nyph remained a valuable cog in the machine as Alliance earned their spot on the Worlds stage.