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Rekkles | LoL Esports

Player Bio

Martin “Rekkles” Larsson is one of the most feared AD carries in the world. Rekkles debuted for Fnatic in late 2012 and immediately garnered attention with his performances at several major tournaments, including IPL5. He was instrumental in Fnatic’s victory over Season 2 champions, the Taipei Assassins. Unfortunately, due to age restrictions he was unable to compete with Fnatic during the 2013 EU LCS season. Sent by Fnatic to the Copenhagen Wolves in order to train, Rekkles led the Wolves to several top 3 finishes in amateur leagues before returning to Fnatic for the 2014 EU LCS Spring Split.

Rekkles and Fnatic qualified for the 2014 World Championship after a strong showing in the 2014 EU Summer Split, but they were unable to progress past the group stages. In the wake of their disappointing showing at the WC, Rekkles moved to fellow EU squad Elements (formerly Alliance). However, his stay there has seen the squad perform even worse than Fnatic, falling to 7th place in the 2015 EU Spring Split. Now back with Fnatic again for the 2015 EU LCS Summer Split, Rekkles needs to prove he still has carry potential.