Player Bio

Hailing from France, Fnatic's top laner has been on the professional gaming scene since 2010. Since coming to Fnatic, he's seen the team score some impressive wins at even more impressive world-class venues.

Innovative and adaptable, sOAZ began his professional gaming career with against All authority in 2010. Despite some internal difficulties, sOAZ remained with his team until May when, despite the team’s successes, their roster disbanded. That's when Fnatic recruited him. sOAZ plays top lane with an incredibly deep champion pool. He's also quick to adopt newly released champions, notably playing Jayce and Kha’Zix before his peers ever recognized their potential. On top of his versatility, his in-game mechanics are second-to-none, as he defeated Wickd to secure a spot on Europe's All-star team and went on to run the table in the 1v1 tournament in Shanghai.

With no shortage of picks in the 2014 EU LCS spring split, sOAZ helped Fnatic to a first place finish. Despite a slightly less impressive showing in the 2014 summer split, sOAZ still went on to post a strong stat line and helped score Fnatic a solid spot in the 2014 EU Summer Playoffs and ultimately a place at Worlds.