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YellOwStaR | LoL Esports

Player Bio

A former AD carry turned support, Bora “YellOwStaR” Kim is a veteran of the EU esports scene. YellOwStaR played with aAa in Season 1, SK Gaming in Season 2, and finally Fnatic in Season 3 and onward. He is also the only player to compete at every World Championship thus far. Despite varying levels of success over the years as both an AD carry and a support, YellOwStaR had the chance to help rebuild Fnatic from scratch at the start of 2015. When Fnatic’s management brought in Huni and Reignover from Korea, in addition to Febiven and Steeelback from the Netherlands and France respectively, YellOwStaR took the time to mold the squad into a fighting force. As a result, Fnatic swept through the EU LCS 2015 Spring Split, claiming 1st Place in the EU LCS Spring Playoffs. Can YellOwStaR continue his streak of World Championship appearances?