Player Bio

This former AD Carry turned support has run the gamut of bottom lane partners. Now, with undeniable synergy between him and Rekkles, YellOwStaR is a driving force behind Fnatic's success.

Previously of aAa fame, YellOwStaR joined SK gaming during their run for the Season 2 Championship. Following a disappointing exit in the group stage, he became a free agent for Season 3. As Rekkles – Fnatic’s AD carry during the LCS preseason – didn't meet the LCS age requirement, Fnatic brought YellOwStaR’s on board.

YellOwStaR played the full spectrum of ranged AD carries from Caitlyn to Urgot, relying on his impeccable positioning to keep his opponents at bay. However, despite early successes, the synergy between him and nRated shattered when his support left the team to coach Evil Geniuses. Fnatic turned to Puzsu to fill the AD role and that's when YellOwStaR made the shift to support. A role he took to immediately as the new bottom duo helped Fnatic make a deep run into the semifinals of Season 3 Worlds.

As Rekkles returned to the starting roster in 2014, YellOwStaR found new synergy, and the two proved to be one of the strongest bottom lanes in the 2014 spring split. YellOwStaR was essential in Fnatic’s first place finish in the playoffs of the spring split, and while he was unable to turn Fnatic’s All-Star showing into more than one win against TPA, he dusted himself off and plowed through the summer split. Putting up strong numbers, YellOwStaR was instrumental in Fnatic's 2014 EU Summer Playoffs showing, helping to earn the team their spot at Worlds.