Founded: December, 2012

Nationality: North America


Cloud9 has consistently dominated the NA LCS for the past three splits, making three trips to the finals and maintaining an overall 67-17 season record, and currently are one of the strongest performing international Western teams, with two straight World Quarterfinals trips.

Team History

Cloud9 formed from the remnants of Orbit Gaming, the same team that failed to qualify for the Season 3 spring split. After the break up, Hai and LemonNation decided to stick with the team and overhaul it, adding Sneaky, Balls, and Meteos. The investment paid off, with a convincing qualifier victory over compLexity which continued into the LCS. Cloud9 took the Season 3 summer split by storm with a dominant 25-3 record aided by Meteos' league leading KDA and the duo of LemonNation and Sneaky introducing the Ashe/Zyra combination in the bot lane.


Sticking with the same five man roster from their inception, Cloud9 has continued to dominate through the entirety of season 4. A commanding victory in the summer split earned them a bye week in the playoffs, leaving them just one win away from Worlds. That win came in the form of an incredible 3-0 rout against a hungry Curse. Cloud9 went on to play TSM for the NA championship, but their sights were already on Worlds. At Worlds, they became the first NA team to beat a Korean team in two seasons With one of the only consistent rosters in North America, they look to continue their dominance through self-improvement, synergy, and teamwork, having yet to make a roster swap.


With most other teams making roster swaps during the offseason, can Cloud9 maintain their place as the most dominant North American team?