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Lemondogs | LoL Esports

Founded: June, 2013

Nationality: Europe

The Lemondogs look to expand on their Season 3 Worlds appearance with a completely overhauled lineup. Is this a year of rebuilding or can the new roster gel together quickly and maintain the success Lemondogs had in the previous season?

Team History

The Lemondogs are one of the newest EU LCS teams, qualifying in the Season 3 Summer Split. Although they got off to a shaky start, the arrival of Mithy revitalized the team as they battled their way to a first place finish. Their results at the EU Regional Tournament earned them a spot in the Season 3 World Championships where a disappointing performance translated to an early exit from the Group Stage. With the core lineup leaving the team, the Lemondogs enter the 2014 season with an untested group of players looking to improve on the team's finish.