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Nationality: China


One of the most internationally visible Chinese teams, OMG erupted onto the scene in 2012 with an astonishing run of top finishes in major tournaments. Performing well in the 2014 LPL, OMG remains threatening still, and with their invitation to the 2014 All-Star event, OMG got to test their plans for world domination against the top competitors from each region.

Team History

While considerably competitively threatening throughout 2013, OMG remains as strong as ever in the new year. Formed late in 2012, OMG began 2013 with a series of strong finishes, including first place victories in WVW National Elite Cup, the 2013 LPL Spring Playoffs, and StarsWar 8. This success snowballed into late 2013, as OMG took first place in the WCG Chinese Qualifiers, the LPL Summer League Regular Season, and the National Electronic Sports Tournament. Adding a visit to the Season 3 World Championships, OMG looked exceptionally strong as they prepared for the 2014 season.

Proving themselves the top Chinese team thus far in the 2014 LPL Spring, OMG earned an invitation to the 2014 All-Star event in Paris. Long considered one of the strongest teams in the world, OMG had the chance to silence all critics, managing to systematically eliminate the competition, but for SKT T1 K. Going into the 2014 World Championship, they'll be looking to repeat - and improve upon - their performance in Paris.