Team Dignitas

Founded: September, 2011

Nationality: United States

Team Dignitas

Dignitas has been one of the most consistent teams in competitive League of Legends, but they recently seem unable to break into the top rankings. After a shaky Season 3, questions remain if they still have what it takes to compete on the world stage.

Team History

Formed in 2003, Team Dignitas has grown into a major gaming organization and when they picked up Rock Solid in 2011, they found subsequent success at IPL3. This success continued over in the Season 2 NA Regionals where they ended up representing North America in the year's world championships. A lackluster performance though, ended their hopes of a title and inconsistency has plagued the team since. Missing out on the Season 3 World Championship was the tipping point, as freshly recruited Cruzerthebruzer looks to make his first LCS debut in the top lane as KiWiKiD takes over Patoy's position as the support.